Question 1: How much does it cost to build an ADU?  


This is a difficult question to answer without knowing more specifics about your project, but we can at least give you some insight into the typical construction cost of a brand new, detached ADU.

• $50,000 to $200,000 - Construction costs

• $10,000 to $20,000 - Design fees

• $2,500 - Structural Engineering fees

• $5,000 - Permits Development Charges

• $67,500 to $225,000 | ESTIMATED TOTAL PROJECT COST

Question 2: How long does it take to design and build an ADU?

Every project and client is different. In our experience it can take about 3-4 weeks to design an ADU, about 4-6 weeks to get permit approval from municipalities, and another 1 to 3months to build depending on weather, unexpected delays and other unforeseen setbacks. 

Question 3: What services does Carriage Home Builders provide?

Our role as the general contractor is to see the big picture when it comes to your project, and bring that concept through to the intimate details. We will help you explore what is allowed on your property, what appeals to you aesthetically, and what you require functionally. We will coordinate the team of designers, engineers, city permitting staff, and construction professionals. 

We will also guide your project through the maze of building codes and zoning requirements. Our job is to work with you and all of the other people involved, so that your project is built the way it was intended, and that the final project meets your needs. We can help you with everything from creating a site plan, developing the architectural concept and floor plans, all the way to selecting tiles, counters, and other finish materials. In short, we follow your project from early concept design through completed construction working with your best interests at heart.

Question 4: What’s the client’s role in the design process?


We will depend on you to communicate your design preferences, functional requirements, and budget. Your timely response to questions and design submissions will help keep the project on schedule. It is also important for you to raise any concerns you have as the project proceeds, so they can be addressed in the earliest stages. Working in partnership with us will help ensure the best possible outcome for your project. 


Question 5: Are owner occupants required?


Not necessarily, however, a local government can require an applicant to be an owner occupant or family member. The owner may reside in the primary or accessory structure. Local governments can also require the ADU to not be used for short term rentals (terms lesser than 30 days).